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Size Chart

Bracelets Size:

Average Wrist Size: 7.5 inches (19cm)
Our bracelets are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. To find the perfect bracelet size, follow these steps:
  1. Use a flexible measuring tape or a string.
  2. Wrap it snugly around your wrist.
  3. Add approximately 0.5 inches (1.5cm) to your measurement.
  4. This adjusted measurement will guide you to the ideal bracelet size in inches or centimeters.

    Chains and Necklaces Size:

    Standard Chain Length: 20 inches (50cm)
    This length is the most common and falls just below the collarbone, suiting most individuals. When worn with a shirt, the chain typically falls between the first and second buttons, offering a stylish look. You can also wear it inside or outside your shirt, depending on your personal preference.


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